29 September 2008

Introduction to the blog

Brede High Woods is a 262 hectare (648 acre) Woodland Trust property in the parishes of Brede Sedlescombe and Ewhurst Green to the north of Hastings in East Sussex, UK. It is a complex of wildlife rich ancient woodland and plantation woodland, with some grassland and heath. There is also considerable historic interest from the former farms, and activities associated with the powder mill and ironworks that once operated nearby. There is open public access and details of the site are published at http://www.wt-woods.org.uk/bredehighwoods

I created this weblog in 2008 with the intention of bringing news of the woods to anyone who is interested. I work closely with the Woodland Trust and am an ecologist by profession, but this weblog is entirely my responsibility, my main qualification being that I live close to the woods and have walked them regularly since the late 1950s.
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