2 October 2008

A good year for fungi

This year has been particularly good for fungi and, a couple of days ago, I enjoyed a walk with two friends, one of whom is an expert mycologist.

Altogether we found some 70 different species in a few hours during which we were only able to cover a few areas of Brede High Wood.  The commonest was undoubtedly the sulphur tuft (Hypholoma fasciculare) - see below.

20081002 BHW sulphur tuft 011

Another common species was the false death cap (Amanita citrina).  It is rather paler and yellower than the true death cap and has the distinctive patches on the cap.  The ring round the stipe and the cup or volva at the base show that it is an Amanita.

20081002 BHW Cpt 5i Amanita citrina 029

The following day I found my first fly agaric (Amanita muscaria), just a baby but indicative that the species should soon be fairly common.

20081002 BHW Cpt 5i Amanita muscaria 034

All three species are poisonous, or at least inedible, though a wide range of invertebrates consume them with impunity.

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