21 March 2009

Cherry plum winter

A short distance south west of Austford, to the west of the public footpath are two small trees that are covered in a mass of white flowers.

 20090321 BHW & Sedlescombe 035

They are cherry plums, Prunus cerasifera, a non-native plant that was often used as a stock for other cultivated plums and greengages.  It has also been much used for hedging, especially in its pink flowered and purple leaved forms.  It suckers quite vigorously and often persists after its scions have disappeared.

Apart from its very early flowering, it can be distinguished by its bright green last year's twigs which contrast with the grey older ones..

20090317 Prunus cerasifera South View 035

Growing where it does it is, presumably, a remnant of the Austford orchard.

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