7 May 2009

Mystery bavin

Towards the north of Brede High Wood proper I spotted this bundle of sticks on the ground.

20090411 BHW 5g  stick bundle 035

Since it is done up with only one string it is technically a bavin rather than a fagot (which has two strings)

The bundle had clearly been lying at the ride side for some time: maybe over a year and I wondered how this circumstance came about.  Had the original collector forgotten where s/he put it?  Or maybe they had been taken ill, or spirited away by a flying saucer.  Are they firewood or peasticks?  If the latter maybe the collector suddenly realised the vast amount of labour and stress that would have to go into producing a couple of quid's worth of peas, and left the stick bundle for Brede High's saproxylics.

We shall never know unless the mystery stick-gatherer happens to read this weblog and provides an explanation.

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