12 December 2008

Surveying for dormice

A concerted effort is being made to get a better understanding of any dormouse populations that may occur in Brede High Woods.  As a start nest boxes have been put up in what seems to be a favourable area, but these will not, of course, be used until the animals come out of hibernation next year.

20081121 BHW dormouse day 018

The picture shows the dormouse group about to set off to put up the boxes.

The Sussex Mammal Group is also undertaking a major survey into dormouse populations across East and West Sussex with the Sussex Dormouse Nut Survey.  In addition to putting up nest boxes or tubes, the presence of dormice can be established by searching for hazel nuts that have been opened in a characteristic way.  For anyone who would like to get involved, details of how to do this and much more on dormice in Sussex can be found here.

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