27 February 2011

Snowdrops at last

Often in the early months of the year I have looked around the High Woods for snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis).

They are not a native species, but bulbs often get washed down streams, or occur on the sites of old gardens.

Today, however, I found a fine colony in subcompartment 6c on the eastern border of the woods where the long west/east ride reaches Reservoir Lane (formerly Powdermill Lane).  OS map reference TQ 81011 20283.

20110227 various 008

This isolated group contains many flowers indicating that it has been in situ for some time and is increasing having started, no doubt, as one or more bulbs in garden rubbish thrown over the fence.  It is on the heavy clay soil it likes so, maybe, the colony will spread as one of the alien species that normally attracts no hostility.