23 August 2013

Four new horses

On 21 August four konik horses from the Wildwood Trust in Kent were put into the conservation  grazing area of Sedlescombe Heath in Brede High Woods to follow the Exmoor ponies that grazed there earlier in the year, and the Sussex cattle last year and the year before.

The konik, originally from Poland, (the word means 'horse' or 'little horse'),  is described as 'semi-feral' and is thought to be at least partly descended from wild European horses, though DNA studies have shown a very complex development of the breed.

 20130821 (11)

Whatever their origin, they are small and beautiful animals with blue dun (aka mouse grey) coats and a dorsal stripe which they share with some wild horse breeds.

20130821 (14)

Koniks are now used quite widely across Britain and Europe for conservation grazing and, as the picture above shows, they certainly seem to appreciate the sward on Sedlescombe Heath.