9 April 2013

A spring walk

On Sunday we had a lovely sunny day, the first spring-like occasion seemingly for weeks.

I led a walk mostly around Coneyburrow and Twist Woods and we checked on the green hellebores, which were in full flower, somewhat later than usual.

20130407 BHW green hellebore  3

One unusual discovery on our walk was that in various places along the rides plants of pendulous sedge (Carex pendula) had been pulled up and left lying on the ground.

20130407 BHW Carex uprooted

I suspect this has been done by wild boar and that they were aiming for the roots which are edible and, though small, contain starchy material which is probably very welcome to the animals at this time of year when food can be scarce.

Another strange discovery was of the very large burr at the base of an ash tree with four cultivated daffodil flowers in a natural hole.  We wondered what this might be commemorating.

20130407 BHW burr & daffodils

As a final confirmation that spring is at hand, we saw a fine male brimstone butterfly, like a flying flake of bright lemon paper along the ride by the car park - showing off to the visitors maybe.